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Surfing and ballroom dancing, roller derby, a touring rock band, a hero suffering loss, and a male nanny

Pimp My Ride meets So You Think You Can Dance

A romance about changing the game, finding the truth, and fancy footwork

When ballroom teacher Alex Gibson dances with Dan Maddox she’s reminded of the time she stuck a knife in the toaster, gave herself an electric shock, and saw stars. He’s precisely the type of man Alex’s mother warned her off – a player, like the father who abandoned her.

Dan Maddox comes from a long line of men who were hiding under the hood of a beat-up car when the ‘successful relationship’ gene was given out, but he was first in the queue for an extra jolt of chick-pulling power.

The chicks in Dan’s life are universally gorgeous, random, and disposable, until one drunken night when he picks the wrong girl, hurts a good friend, and realises that unless he does something to change, he’ll end up like his violent, unstable father.

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Get your Skates on

A Grease Monkey Jive Novella

Anthony Gambese thought he had life sussed. Happy family, good mates, the freedom of surfing, a new career, and enough action in the bedroom to keep him well satisfied. He had no idea. But two chicks were about to show him the error of his ways, trashing his love-life, stealing his promotion and challenging his honour. And that was before he discovered what a roller-derby doll could do by skating over his heart.

Like a roller derby jam, this novella is tight packed, fast and furious. It can be read alone or as a follow up to Grease Monkey Jive.

It tells the story of Ant Gambese, the last of Dan’s mate’s not felled by a girl who was exactly what he needed, and didn’t see coming.

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Rock Chick on Tour

A rollercoaster rock-and-roll ride of confronting fears, making music, and learning to be true

Rielle Mainline is a rock star with a hardcore image, a troubled heart, and a twenty-five-city tour to front with her band, Ice Queen. She should be ecstatic. But the tour includes Sydney and Rielle has spent years running away from that city.

Jake Reed knows Rielle’s reputation as a prize bitch will make being Ice Queen’s tour manager a challenge, but Jake’s confident he can handle her — until he meets her. Then he’s off-balance, not sure if he wants to kiss her or throttle her. Sparks fly, tempers flare, and boundaries are crossed.  It’s rock star verses roadie, alpha girl verses boy-next-door and neither of them will survive unchanged.

See Free Stuff for a 3000 word prequel:  Ice Queen Origins.

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A Second Shot at Love

He saw the world in grey. She gave him back his colour

In one stolen moment, a man bared his soul. She only saw him through her camera lens but she’s overwhelmed by the desire to comfort him.

When Bailey meets scarily attractive Aiden, she’s struck by the oddest feeling he’s in pain. He soon proves how bogus first impressions can be. He’s not in pain. He causes pain, belittling with his intelligence and humiliating with his wit.

Aiden’s life is wildly out of balance. But no-one needs to know that, least of all the sparkling Bailey, even if it means ruining a perfectly good professional relationship with the only woman who ever made him forget Shannon.

Then together they save a man’s life, Aiden’s two realities collide and Bailey discovers she’s stolen his soul.

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Gender Role Swap

Can they make trailblazing and homemaking fit, or is love just another gender stereotype?

Audrey broke the glass ceiling. Reece swapped a blue collar for a pink collar job.

She’s a single mum by design. He’s a nanny by choice. She gets passed over for promotion. He struggles to find a job. She takes a chance on him. He’s worth more than he knows. There’s an imbalance of power. There’s an age difference. There’s a child whose favourite word is no.

Everything about them being together is unsuitable.

Except for love.

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“I am so loving Ainslie Paton’s books right now. Her characters are likable, smart, nice, have common sense (mostly), and I believe in their HEAs.”

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