Ainslie Paton romance author

Real Love Trilogy

One family . Three Generations . Three Love Stories.

Short stories with huge hearts

Step Back in Time

A beautiful bite-sized love story about life, family, the inexorable roll of time and the noisy places in between.

An escape to another time when getting hitched involved the improvised music of a tin kettling, being married meant building a family, and being in love, for Kel and Ginty, meant the deepest of bonds not even age could break.

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Forever is a Challange

It’s 1960 and time to grow up and move out.

The first time Hunter saw Pam he spat steel pins at the back of her neck.  His mother would’ve been appalled, but his mother wasn’t up the ladder attaching gold tinsel to the ceiling.  His mother wasn’t attracted to the back of the new girl’s neck.

It’s 1960 and times are changing.  For Hunter and Pam that first encounter starts a lifetime of change.

Coming soon.

Love is Hard to Hold onto

It’s 1988 and Leah is busy.

But Grant walked like he had springs on the bottom of his shoes, brisk and bouncy, like he was plugged into a portable socket and had electricity running through his limbs.  He had that triangle thing going on; the wide shoulders, the broad chest, running down to a neat waist and tight butt.

And Leah noticed him.

Coming soon.

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