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Spark Attack

That’s what I’m having.  A Spark Attack.  Its akin to heartburn but with added electrical zap.

The pre-reads at the 15K mark were a green light – but now it’s doomsday.  Sink or swim.  I might need floaties on this one.  Lots of risky stuff going on that could kill the story, make the characters weird and unlikable and the situations unbelievable.

Spark has had one reader come back, and one is coming back in chunks.  So far so good, some of my worries alleviated – except an audience of one and a bit is mighty dopey to draw any conclusions from.  Where did I put the floaties again?

Meanwhile I’m adding to my ‘things to fix’ list and one of those things is the freaking title.

When I envisaged the story – it was meant to be around 70k – 80k at a pinch.  Cracker night was going to be its centrepiece.  Yeah well.

It runs to 115K and cracker night isn’t quite in the centre any more.  Never mind. But it needs a new title to better position it.

Thinking, thinking – while waiting, waiting and cogitating on the next story which is going to be all broody intense and contained.

First draft

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