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Squirm Zone

I finished another story.  And it’s gone out to the beta team and a few other suckers – volunteers who said they’d read it.

Which means I’m in the squirm zone.

That deadly blank period of waiting to see if the story hangs together, it the interest is there, if the characters are vibrant enough to sustain interest and anyone can give a damn what I put them through.

I put this hero through a lot.  Maybe too much.

I give this heroine a set of difficult decisions to make – maybe too many.

There is a supporting cast and they’re damn busy as well.

It’s 115K, my usual length (Tin Kettling and it’s sisters, Window Dressing and Pinball) not withstanding, so that means a not insignificant investment of time for a reader.  Gotta respect that – deliver to it.

I never know when I’ve finished what I’ve got.

Now I squirm.

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