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Ten Reasons Why a Voice Actor Makes a Great Romance Hero

  1. Voice actors work in both traditional and new media. They voice cartoon characters and animations as well as audio-books, video games and advertising. The voice actor’s job is future proofed, even avatars and robots need voices.

  2. Voice actors don’t need to dress up. It’s come as you are and bring your vocal dexterity with you. You won’t need to compete in the wardrobe stakes with your voice actor.

  3. Voice actors don’t have to get cold or dirty or hang around boring sets in faraway places waiting for their part to be filmed, they work in clean, comfortable, centrally located recording studios, so they’re always close by when you need them.

  4. Voice actors can impersonate others. Want a little Morgan Freeman or Jeremy Irons in your day? Your voice actor may be able to oblige. If Sheldon Cooper’s cadence is more your level of amusement, your voice actor can make you geek out with a little voice-box dexterity.

  1. Spending time with a voice actor won’t be boring. You never know whose voice you might be listening to.

  1. At the top of their game, voice actors earn big bucks without working a nine to five. While it might take years to make an animated feature film, voice tracks are laid in a matter of days and usually the voice (scratch voices) comes before the animation. Your voice actor should have plenty of time to lend you his voice.

  2. Even a famous voice actor can walk around in public without all the scary attention a regular actor gets. Who needs the paparazzi?

  3. Voice actors are good with their tongues. They’re people we enjoy listening to because of their command of tone, speed, language and emotion using only their mouths and throats.

  4. After adolescence, voices don’t age as fast as bodies do, your voice actor will sound like he did when you bought him for a long time to come.

  5. Think of the sweet nothings whispered in your ear in a voice that could melt chocolate.


Now you’re getting it.


Love can be a great healer, except when it hurts…

As voice actor royalty, Damon Donovan is trouble.  He’s professionally intimidating.  He’s confident. He’s charming, funny and genuinely talented. And he triggers the nurturing instincts newly separated Georgia Fairweather has sworn to ignore.

Damon Donovan is used to three types of women: those who fawn, those who mother and those who want to fix him. So a reticent, prickly engineer he can neither awe nor charm triggers his interest.

A recording engineer and a voice actor should be a match to sing about, but the thrilling rhythm they create is soon drowned out by static. Georgia doesn’t know who she is, and Damon doesn’t know who he’ll become.

Can a man facing his insecurities and a woman afraid of her own instincts harmonise, or are they destined to sound good in theory, but be out of sync in life and love?

Incapable releases 8 November and is available for pre-order now!

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