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The Cover Gods Have Spoken

From on high, the Cover Gods have moved pixels, shuffled images, recast type, amended branding and rendered a layout.

Detained has a new cover.  It’s softer and warmer than it’s more vampiric predecessor, more in keeping with the context of the story.  The first couple look like they might possibly own the world, or maybe they’re just going to a funeral.  Or they bite.

The second couple look like they have big decisions to make, like they’ve been put through hell and emerged intact and maybe, just maybe can look forward to a future together.  Not that I’m telling of course.  Spoil the ending, kill a fairy – never!

You’ll have to read to see.

So behold:

Before:  Cold & forbidding – if sexy.                          After:  Warmer & more mysterious

I’m kind of in love with her eyebrows.                        You can almost see the angst

0913 Detained_500

0913 Detained_Final




7 Responses to “The Cover Gods Have Spoken

  • yup – much much better – BUT – isn’t Will more blondish?? 🙂

    • Will is absolutely a blonde. He’s the only blonde hero I’ve written. You had him absolutely right with Josh Lucas – so spot on I had to look you up because I thought one my beta readers might’ve been setting me up. They’d do that. I was so hoping you were real! And now I know you are – unless that’s you Mary, Viv???

  • Sami Lee
    11 years ago

    I too have eyebrow envy. But the second cover is nicer 🙂

    • Thank you Ms Lee, mother of the bestselling A Man Like Mike! It’s certainly softer. The characters aren’t meant to be cold and forbidding.

  • Oh….yep. The second cover is tons better. Sooo, how did you get the change to happen?

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