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Why the number 4 made my arms flail

Jane Litte of Dear Author listed White Balance as number 4 in her top 10 reads for 2013.

I’ll just say that again in bold in case you missed it:  White Balance was number 4 in Dear Authors top 10 reads for 2013.

Here’s what Jane said:

4) White Balance by Ainslie Patton. This was a book that took me by surprise. It’s quiet intensity snuck up behind me and I remembered this book far after I’d finished the last page. It’s a story of grief and of friendship. Of second chances and quirks of fate. While rather long, I appreciated the meandering path because I felt so much more connected to these characters the longer I spent with them.

Here’s the top ten:

  1. The Last Hour of the Gan   R Lee Smith
  2. The Winning Season   Alison Packard
  3. Heart of Obsidian   Nalini Singh
  4. Holy Guacamole!
  5. Reaper’s Property  Joanna Wylde
  6. Crash Into You/Dare To You   Katie McGarry
  7. Any Duchess Will Do   Tessa Dare
  8. Fading   EK Blair
  9. Hotter Than Ever  Elle Kennedy
  10. Here Without You   Tamarra Webber

I’ve read and admired some of these titles already.  Gan is my Christmas holiday reward read and the remaining have been added to my already skyscrapper high reading pile but with a bullet.

Here’s the full review.

I was supposed to be finishing a pivotal scene in Incapable.  Way to knock a person off their word count.

For the rest of the week stop by to see me gap jawing, arm flailing and walking into walls in shock.  It’ll be messy, but amusing.

9 Responses to “Why the number 4 made my arms flail

  • This is great…just stop trying to rationalize it and enjoy (Suzanne)

  • Definitely deserves to be there though should be higher IMO. ;o) I’m not going to pretend I understand a couple of other choices but to each her own, I guess. 😛

    • Oh I do like you! I’m going to try to read all the others, oddly though you can tell they’ll be so different it’s not about a comparison. I’m still all arm flailing.

      • Flail away, I say!! Actually a couple of them are NA, which I’ve never been able to relate to even when I was that age (cue the angst) and one’s MC (cue biker b*tches, old ladies, etc.). Just not my cuppa, unfortunately. ;o)

        • I’ve read Reaper. I was writing Floored when it came out and I was like – umm – opps – um. But Floored isn’t an MC book – it’s a road trip book, the hero is an undercover cop, who was undercover with an MC gang, but other than that it’s not in the same postcode – whew. Though I thought Reaper was very interesting. I’m reading Gann now.

          • Shelley
            10 years ago

            LOL! I don’t mind the undercover aspect at all. Actually, I liked Jaci Burton’s books that featured the ‘undercover with an MC’ trope. That’s waaaay more up my alley!

          • Ainslie
            10 years ago


  • Congratulations! You know how powerful I found it – I’m not alone!!

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